With this handout we, somalibreeders from germany (and other countries), want to distance ourselves from undue breeding behaviour!

To breed cats controlled, serious and with focus on maximum health and well-being you aren't allowed to do following things (this rules are given from nearly every cat club!):

mate a cat before the age of 12month (in exceptional case at the age of 10month)
mate a cat more than 3 times in 2 years (maximum 3 litters in 2 years are allowed!)

Unfortunately one german somalibreeder doesn't stick to this rules – Mr. V.
One of his cats had a litter at the age of 9 month, another cat had 4 litters in only 18months!!!
Lot's of his kittens and also one pregnant cat died although he asserts that his cats are healthy...

Because his cat club doesn't restrict him effectively and we can't watch him exploiting his cats we want to take your attention on this! 

To prove you can have a look on this site: www.somali.asso.fr/eros
Or ask us for detailed informations!

Because he tells everybody we other breeders are jealous and envious we also want to fight back this lies! For more about that please click here.

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